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Find lost places right around you

In the second edition of your book - 100 Abandoned and Lost Places, you will find a long list of amazing locations from all over Europe. There are abandoned places of the past and of today, from temples to castles to buildings from urban exploration.

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Explore unexplored areas of Europe

Discover forgotten, overlooked and abandoned places and let ���the end ���be the beginning.

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⛔ Exploring abandoned and lost places in Europe ⛔

Abandoned Places - Discover the forbidding landscapes, ghostly abandoned buildings, and forgotten prisons of abandoned places in this collection of hauntingly beautiful images. Urban Exploration - See the exploration of abandoned places in the way that only photographers can. When exploring abandoned.

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Explore incredible abandoned and lost places

Explore the worlds around you with this start of a collection of galleries from abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Photographically documenting abandoned places

A hardcover coffee table book about Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Exploring Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Abandoned Places - the best places to explore, explore, explore. Watch our videos, subscribe, and explore the world with us.

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⚜︎ Geography and history of abandoned places ⚜︎

Explore this never-before-seen collection of urban exploration photography from the world's most iconic abandoned places. See the untouched beauty of these neglected fantastical places in an intimate yet revealing video slideshow format.

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⚜︎ Explore Exciting Abandoned Places ⚜︎

Explore photos and the histories of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Compare abandoned places in Japan with your own

Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration document the history, lives and struggles of those that were left behind as well as those that were lucky enough to escape.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Mega Gallery of all sorts of urban exploration and abandoned places. We pick up trash and share these amazing stories to educate and excite people about exploring the unknown and unexpected places.

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卐 Discover the Lost World of World War 2 卐

Explore photos and the histories of abandoned, abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Explore the urban spaces that make cities great

Explore a photographic collection of abandoned places that is a testament to a world no longer is merely a product of our imagination, but a reality that has been closing in on us for a long time.

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The Creepy Carved Churches of Rome ★★★☆☆

Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration with Abandoned Photojournalist, Timothy DeGonia.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration ⛔

Abandoned places are not just a niche interest for those looking for a thrill - they are a much broader form of exploration where a unique show reveals a different side of a city. Follow host Matt as he explores to find hidden places, shady characters, and shady stories.

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Explore the best urbex locations ★★★☆☆

Urban exploration is the act of visiting abandoned, derelict or otherwise inaccessible places. Like many travelers whose adventures take them off the beaten path into more remote or off-the-radar destinations, urban explorers come across abandoned places of interest, often with little to no human interaction, where they can capture more of the abandoned terrain than is intended by society. Urban exploration might also involve the ruins of past civilizations, medieval cemeteries, or contemporary ghost towns.

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✭ Forgotten Times of the Cold War ✭

Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration through photos or videos from your latest adventure from your mobile device. Some of the best images from the world at our fingertips. Start Your Free Trial.

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Explore abandoned places near you.

Why would you go to abandoned places? To peer into the mysteries that remain, dig into the gritty details that forgo preservation legislation, or see the untouched beauty that's rarely seen by modern eyes.

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A book about incredible abandoned places ★★★☆☆

A subscription service that teaches you about the history of abandoned places.

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Best urbex locations for travelling ★★★★☆

Abandoned Places is a channel for urban exploration, travel, and documentary content from around the world. We want to create a channel that inspires others to explore the world, taking risks for adventure. We often feature both people and content from around the world. Come visit us and share your own surreal experiences.

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A book of the Abandoned Places of the world.

Visit the forgotten wonders of the world and explore the forgotten. Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration follows a team around as they explore, document, and photograph across America and around the globe.

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Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

The Dark Side of History. Experience the forgotten beauty of abandoned places. Explore locations from around the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Come explore abandoned places with us! ★★★☆☆

Urban Exploration has a rich history to explore. With a near infinite number of abandoned places a city has a high to mid-level explorer can explore, many risk going without a specific purpose or destination in mind. As soon as one explorer believes they have found a “place” they go at it. Climbing a disused stair case, climbing through a hole in a wall, exploring a building no longer in use, to the point of breaking through a wall, this all takes place without.

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